creatures altered by a grotesque nature, even the smallest of cruelties seem monstrous to the thousands of inhabitants.

by: Escher Mcdonell




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>>chapter 01

ecological disaster, knocked out communications grids and new mutations hunted by paramilitaries - ashbrecht and amelia chase the so-called “bears” for reasons more different than they might realize; essin graduates high school into a world pretending it will never change

>>chapter 02

essin moves from shift to shift to the occasional rave, where they find precarious connection amid the empty fields and parking lots with lacie ostler

>>chapter 03

between restricted reports of the new animals, essin and lacie learn their true complexity from an individual thought missing

>>chapter 04

despite escaping the raid on amelia's class undetected, essin finds themself recruited by a paramilitary group known as the controllers to hunt the new animals

>>chapter 05

essin patrols with the dung beetles, tours animal control’s secret installation and reminisces about the Mask Game

>>chapter 06

following essin’s plan, animal control launches a counterattack against the New Cats as the winter, and something still worse, approaches