futamigaura/stanford cheung/2020


When do we pretend to sleep
To lay down and
watch the world flicker

To simply mean

I have time to kill
with sleep to eat

I weed them up my collar
on a censored star

Every night
I dream the perfect story

of buckwheat outside,
the cold sky
and closed eyelids

And all the cities

while you lay asking

Where all life is a life
And all alive where life
may live

Where life shoots
to sleep the city
at bay

Their light
like bullets

yet shining


Towards the life after us with our
lonely hearts

Another city with the sight of each other
growing apart

towards the life after us
Towards the life that grows apart

on another life
other than you I walk together with

as we grow apart
towards the life that will be

On another city that brings us apart
On another life

together with you
towards the year that passes

on another city with our treasured
hearts as we grow apart

towards the life after us
in a city together with another

Stanford Cheung is a poet from Toronto. His work appears in anthologies and publications such as Nomadic Journal, Tokyo Poetry Journal, Ricepaper, and Prompt. He is the author of the full-length collections “Structures from the Still” (Akinoga Press, 2018) and “Demonstrator” (Andata Express, 2020 forthcoming). Among his collaborative collections include “We Could Be Anything” (Crevasse Books, 2019), “Comfort of Malice” (Inspiritus, 2018) and “Any Seam or Needlework” (Operating System, 2016). Stanford is also active as a pianist performing throughout North America, Canada and Asia. stanfordcheung.com

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