clinging to a single desperate prayer, leona meets halation, a visitor from that supposed better world once held remote by the thousands of atrocities that littered the earth, and draws war and peace towards a collision spanning the galaxy.

by: baroquespiral + Escher Mcdonell




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>>entry 01:

returning from the city after losing delilah and breaking up with mai, leona returns to the domestic tensions and half violences of middle america, her refuge in those faraway stars whose constellations mai spoke of until she finds a being reaching out to her too

>>entry 02:

with her brother jax, leona tries to continue her life with halation as they learn to translate each other’s experiences from the planetary to the familiar strifes at the dinner table conducted in silence

>>entry 03:

leona-halation, jax and alastair secure materials to maintain halation's vitals from a local drug dealer only for the organization known only as edison lens to apprehend them. in a makeshift interrogation room, leona and halation negotiate for their lives and the future of the earth

>>entry 04:

leona-halation and edison lens prepare for an assault by giant cellular organisms that feed on software systems but as she prepares, she must finally encounter the one who once shared her starry sky

>>entry 05:

as a newly formed military force prepares to leave earth (and leona begins to build her own covert networks), the us government makes one last desperate bid for control.

>>entry 06:

arriving on Towers, Leona is caught up on the strategic situation on the porous planet and the nature of the Adipose war, while new divisions emerge within the expeditionary force and a scouting party makes contact