users wander the infinite plazas within their internal os. foxtel, one such user, darts between each of these old worlds disintegrating in electric signals, one bullet at a time.

cyberpunk, vaporwave, dreampunk, virtual reality, detective, gunfights, episodic, conspiracy, internet culture, urban legends, cyber-spirituality, anime influence, atmospheric prose, urban, firearms

by: caraparcel




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>>protocol 01

ghost or virtual idol? the mysterious inhabitant of floor 888 was once a girl named tohka creuset. foxtel seeks traces of her true personality among the brambles of the wired

>>protocol 02.1

virtual currency crisis forces the mega-corps to pivot their activities to physical trade within the real world, and foxtel enters its empty streets.

>>protocol 02.2

a health organization known as re-volt-era takes over a residential building in the suzuru district and secret organizations begin to appear before foxtel, taking interest in their investigation.

>>protocol 02.3

producer creates a task force to apprehend all members of the secret society platinum torus helio, and returning to the wired with a new technique known as step-transfer from samhain, foxtel approaches their heavily guarded high rises and manors. may the spectacle ensue amidst the exchanges.

>>protocol 03.1

foxtel and viper visit the successful american city-state that was once atlanta, meet overseas operators and uncover a network making nefarious use of virtual doubles

>>protocol 03.2

foxtel and aleppo follow the otherworldly face that lures its victims to face and lose themselves, uncovering a surprisingly mundane meaning behind the missing persons

>>protocol 04.1

through a routine forum search, foxtel uncovers a number transmission that begins to sprawl out its connections, all the while a user known as exxxon serpico challenges them to a duel in the palo shabba server.