birthday: 5 november

occupation: student? v-idol?

sex: female

blood type: b

likes: shrimp crackers, lychee jelly, all dressed chips, empty cities

dislikes: fussy people

seen with: n/a

growing up within the urbanext project developments, tohka was a student of slightness, slight verve, slight beauty,etc...but given the development of the internal os and manipulation of virtual space, it had been reported that she became much more withdrawn, only responding when necessary. she was frequently exhausted after school or using the internal os as the neural activity can be intensive. this caused much further strain with her parents as her graduation neared leading her to enter an elevator within the residence building and disappear. while her presence reappears in the virtual idol group, alterna, it had already been many years since she was alive and many of her records have been revised for fan-works


birthday: 3 january

sex: female

occupation: mmorpg moderator

likes: esoteric magic spells, outragoous fashions, flying

dislikes: mashed food, military diehards

blood type: o

seen with: kunakida’s party on sapphire fantasy, tai shu kwong military units, chihaya

a rumoured sorceress as there had been a few magicians and wandering religious acolytes around the world. tai shu kwong and their reverence for the spiritual decided to integrate them into the wired as their first steps into the next world.

samhain rose through the ranks, becoming both a data moderator and practices her magic on the mmorpg, sapphire fantasy. known for her persona, no one seems to know who she really was behind all the chuunibyou diction but some say that they glimpse a part of it when she uses her fire magic.