birthday: 5 november

occupation: student? v-idol?

sex: female

blood type: b

likes: shrimp crackers, lychee jelly, all dressed chips, empty cities

dislikes: fussy people

seen with: n/a

growing up within the urbanext project developments, tohka was a student of slightness, slight verve, slight beauty,etc...but given the development of the internal os and manipulation of virtual space, it had been reported that she became much more withdrawn, only responding when necessary. she was frequently exhausted after school or using the internal os as the neural activity can be intensive. this caused much further strain with her parents as her graduation neared leading her to enter an elevator within the residence building and disappear. while her presence reappears in the virtual idol group, alterna, it had already been many years since she was alive and many of her records have been revised for fan-works


birthday: 3 january

sex: female

occupation: mmorpg moderator

likes: esoteric magic spells, outragoous fashions, flying

dislikes: mashed food, military diehards

blood type: o

seen with: kunakida’s party on sapphire fantasy, tai shu kwong military units, chihaya

a rumoured sorceress as there had been a few magicians and wandering religious acolytes around the world. tai shu kwong and their reverence for the spiritual decided to integrate them into the wired as their first steps into the next world.

samhain rose through the ranks, becoming both a data moderator and practices her magic on the mmorpg, sapphire fantasy. known for her persona, no one seems to know who she really was behind all the chuunibyou diction but some say that they glimpse a part of it when she uses her fire magic.


birthday: 15 february

sex: male

occupation: mercenary and information launderer

likes: guns, displays of strength, strategy games, business outlooks, classic works of art

dislikes: airsoft players, people who try to make the wired too like real life

blood type: ab

seen with: kunakida, /k forums, faux

Calls himself an old head but is known more for speaking with a paternal note on all matters. Says it gives a wise gravity on matters which gives him a practical outlook over his affairs. Such power does attract a particular crowd catering to militias reinforcing training as a daily exercise, using the wired for its combat and sabotage potential.

Purely transactional in his matters, dabbling in mercenary work as if it's a paid vacation. His classic approaches of manipulating systems, encrypting and supplying information becomes important in his other occupation: the insurrection business that sows server take overs and real world revolts. Although he merely sees this as a way of subtle manipulations, taking only what is most practical out of who he encounters. His /k work sources firearm specs to be scanned for use on the wired acting as a middle man for the sellers. An informational working man.


birthday: 11 november

sex: female

occupation:artist, tai shu kwong executive, moon protege vanguard

likes:rivers, new art works, abalone, urban street servers, the moon

dislikes: signal disruption, unnecessary tragedies

blood type: o+

seen with: chihaya, producer, foxtel?

tai shu's prodigy, creating art works that crosses worlds, times and the wired. saturna puts her entire being into these works even risking her life in them seen by her parted lovers installation modelling a thousand romantic deaths. But she always stays mobile within the floes of the wired. while raised with many members of the moon protege triads, she was also trained by someone only known as (producer) and rumoured that is part of how she knows so many active users including foxtel.

accompanied by her ward chihaya, she is currently in a high ranking position which has afforded her a level of freedom from most duties at tai shu but still fulfills them if someone asks about them. this may be part of what makes her formidable as her skills in martial arts and signal manipulation through neija are exemplary rivalling assassin-execs such as hanzhou.

no records of her exist so her actual name may not ever be known.


Sex: female

Occupation: 3D modeler, psychosphere reader, part-time Vanguard moderator

Blood type: A

Likes: boolean surfaces, alignments, descriptions of a person's habits

Dislikes: Spider's concealed gregarity when used to check out users, health organization missionaries, people who think life is a movie, snobbery

seen with: aleppo, spider, saturna, kunakida

despite the wired's physical transition, the flaneur and browser remains. dacia is one such person. she keeps a measured distance despite her familiarity with psychospheres and their compatability with the user's avatars, she's not as willing to jump into reading that data. some call it repulsion, others call it a spot where she watches from and still has an accurate read on users. this also made her effective in her part time security beats with spider. they don't immediately seem to get along but eventually have settled in a professional kind of rapport that hides any trace of their checking.

while not the most social, she only speaks to those she deems it necessary to speak to. something that flattered kunakida when they started speaking to be thought of as important to someone. has several installations in the east continent. likes stories about temporal displacement.


Sex: male

Occupation: vanguard commandant

Blood type: O+

Likes: pho noodles, collecting info, silent communication

Dislikes: harsh lighting

Seen with: spider, dacia, victor

been in the vanguards since the fragmentations of the states. many of the first vanguard operators who aided in freeing georgia had the equivalent of osint's capability which allowed them to adapt easily to the growing virtual spaces from the wired. alleppo's parents were ui designers and he would have followed in this were it not for the presence of inter-state interference trying to discredit the newly acquired cities. the likes of which have either been abandoned by other states into the realms of the wired, or seen as a mere vacation destination for those looking for a sense of reality with the populated streets and sideshows happening at intersections. some have described alleppo as having this uncanny ability to disengage. battle psychologists diagnose this as stemming from the loss of a whole squad during a reconnaissance operation into the spirit world. leaving him the only survivor with claims that the only thing left on earth is its brutality, or perhaps, its former history of subjugation. however, dacia and spider have seen him like this before and have said this continued even after he recovered. his prosthetic right arm conducts information from whatever it touches. surgical in his movements, his psycho silhouette can slow down whatever is in its radius, even other users caught off guard. however, he seems to have the tendency to march into danger with not a whisper, or a sound but with only a grin.


bloodtype: ab

likes: forthrightness, romantic convolution, gifts, people who see her often, carcinogenic chemicals

dislikes: claims to have none

seen with: marsa, her clientelle

if the professional yet leisurely activities of the megacorps were the major spaces on the wired, hostesses like reonuxala hold buffer zones where much more personal interactions occur with a level of secrecy. something of a ghost or a puppet master with being able to control several avatars at once to interact with her clients on her server to talk, have drinking games, have a meal, or have more intimate relations with. also a model for new fashions that megacorp divisions would bring designs for. while some buke at her use of avatars for intimacy, some of the appeal of some users is to see the exact movements of the strings or seeing the real reonuxala flash somewhere in those several entities in her server.

outside of that, she is quite theatrical, likes to play pretend games which is probably how she was able to get into the various scenarios that her avatars could play including but not limited to cold childhood friend who has trouble expressing themselves, warm stranger who has a secret, being part of a harem, queen who regards one as their subject, mentally ill streamer trying to get some privacy...