an emissary vessel from the See of Delphi, learned lawyers and messengers of the Sun, descend to the garden habitat of Savannah to uncover the nature of a mysterious project that might change the very key of the song of humanity.

by: Amara Reyes




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>>Record 01

emelry draws up a list of the persons of interest in the workings of savannah, its scientists, planners, propagandists and fugitives, and considers the directions in which their secrets could extend

>>Record 02

preliminary interviews reveal tensions between the various actors, but cannot account for the strange energies beckoning from savannah’s interior

>>Record 03

savannah's architects host a gathering which gives emelry an opportunity to interview some of their most elusive members

>>Record 04

entering savannah, emerly's team is shown the grounds and the final, hidden party in their negotiations: the tengmu, whose childlike vision could bring conflict to the long-harmonious species of humanity

>>Record 05

the crew of the umihotaru weighs past failures of human ambition and comes to grasp the scope of that of the tengmu

>>Record 06

staking their position between the factions running Savannah and the entrenched positions of the Ecumene, Emelry pulls on an overlooked connection and crosses a risky threshold