Emelry Sainshand

Birthday: April 8th

Sex: Female

Occupation: Ilian haruspex, lieutenant role

Likes: Weaving, solitary study, woodwinds, citrus, birds

Dislikes: Arrogant personalities, open spaces, the dark, cold foods, tea

Blood type: AE

Seen with: The other five members of her law ship’s crew

[from Personnel Control dossier 19072705. KH: Mars]

A young woman hailing from the more provincial regions of Ilion’s territory. Having completed her education at the legal academies of Saniasa, one of the wheel’s largest settlements, she is a new but nonetheless fully-fledged haruspex. As the primary enforcement body of the outer system, Ilion’s Office of Haruspicy is responsible for maintaining ethical, legal, and spiritual standards across the region.

Raised in a very small and insular town, as many of her countrymen are. Religious by necessity, but more superstitious than pious. Very invested in her choice of career, and not since childhood has she considered a life outside of it. Well-liked and sociable, but has few close friends and even fewer real confidants. Focused, persistent, and impatient, with a strong sense of charity underlying her demeanor

26 years of age and three feet, eight inches in height. Has the buzzed black hair, translucently pale skin, and violet eyes that most members of her species (homo dharmae) share. Large purple birthmark covering her left shoulderblade