Emelry Sainshand

Birthday: April 8th

Sex: Female

Occupation: Ilian haruspex, lieutenant role

Likes: Weaving, solitary study, woodwinds, citrus, birds

Dislikes: Arrogant personalities, open spaces, the dark, cold foods, tea

Blood type: AE

Seen with: The other five members of her law ship’s crew

A young woman hailing from the more provincial regions of Ilion’s territory. Having completed her education at the legal academies of Saniasa, one of the wheel’s largest settlements, she is a new but nonetheless fully-fledged haruspex. As the primary enforcement body of the outer system, Ilion’s Office of Haruspicy is responsible for maintaining ethical, legal, and spiritual standards across the region.

Raised in a very small and insular town, as many of her countrymen are. Religious by necessity, but more superstitious than pious. Very invested in her choice of career, and not since childhood has she considered a life outside of it. Well-liked and sociable, but has few close friends and even fewer real confidants. Focused, persistent, and impatient, with a strong sense of charity underlying her demeanor

26 years of age and three feet, eight inches in height. Has the buzzed black hair, translucently pale skin, and violet eyes that most members of her species (homo dharmae) share. Large purple birthmark covering her left shoulderblade

Razina Savelyevna

Birthday: September 26th

Sex: Female

Occupation: Chief Ecosystemic Analyst, Savannah Staff

Likes: Summer, seaweed dishes, baking, field survey work, plasticraft, janitors

Dislikes: Micromanagement, unweighted zones, vinegar, chocolate, theater

Blood type: Ö

Seen with: Of the other senior staff, only Tacimarsa and Anyndelhataman, and then only rarely. Keeps to her own staff.

A career practical biologist who has spent a few decades living at Savannah. Central mastermind of Savannah’s ecosystem – while higher-level directors such as Tacimarsa or Coteshinoeleon have broad control over the primary species featured in the biosphere, an analyst’s role is to hack out the details of how those pieces fit together, and how many more pieces are needed. This often extends to any level of modifications; most habitats will result in the engineering of a few entirely novel species – from algae to apex predators – to “reconcile” the ecosystem into a shape that sustains itself.

Unlike the vast majority of Savannah’s staff, makes a point of taking semiyearly voyages back to Heath proper, always spending time on the way in Kozue: world’s largest city, nearly a billion in population, and seat of Heath Governances central Chanticleer. This comes at great expense, given the infrequency of liner patterns only allowing for routes aligning with favorably close astral configurations. She spends a lot of the time on the road and in hotels, more than anyone else on the staff.

Bettany John

Birthday: March 28th

Sex: Semifemale (Born with a condition common in neotene stock (due to side effects of their eponymous neoteny); sterility and the lack of a defined sex. This is relatively normal, and she was raised female since birth.)

Occupation: Ilian haruspex; prefect role

Likes: Wool, perfume, cardamom, beef, long baths, the upper hand, gardening

Dislikes: Weather, sports, insecurity, blind trust, unfamiliar bedrooms, the taste of water

Blood type: B

Seen with: Senior Savanni staff, the lawship crew, Henarl in particular

A solitary and cool young woman hailing from the midst of the wheel - her hometown is a small mining outpost past its prime, already having begun planning for the ghost-town process of relocation by the time she was a child. Dissatisfied with small-town life, she took one of the only routes Ilion provides out of the isolation it was partially founded upon: a career that travels.

Very detached from her own life in many ways; maintains a brisk and careless persona. The heart of a classical tsundere; a mind sharp enough to not take that fully seriously. A shamelessly driven social climber, enjoys the small luxuries and a modest, well-kempt interior life. Self-aware, optimistic, but deeply, fatally pragmatic.

Kali I

Birthday: Unrecorded, presumably summer 2643

Sex: Roan

Occupation: Scholar king

Blood Type: 23-C

Likes: Travelling, lantern carpentry, quiet nights, calligraphy, throat singing, fancy high-end vellum, urban design, lamb, culinary theory, claw gloves, bonsai

Dislikes: Water, sand, cold mornings, motion sickness, heavy clothing, beak carving, tardiness, overindulgence, naivete, bugs, chess, and pork.

Seen with: Aides (primarily Harka, an old friend, and Fili, a potential successor), the general population of Quay, other tengmu administrators

The proud leader of one of the largest tengmu communities that have taken root within the hull of Savannah. Self-styles eirself as royalty as a wry sort of theatricality; less a claim of genuine authority and more an I-can-get-away-with-this smugness. Is good-tempered and patient, forgiving and unfazeable – because e lives in eir own world of desperate duty, and doesn’t take bickering with those beneath em to be worth getting worked up about – just let em get back to eir books!

Injured as a nymph and left stunted and unable to fly well, e devoted eir life to the study of human culture and the improvement of the settlements e’s helped establish. Ruthlessly inquisitive, deeply ambitious and hopeful, cares less for the state of eir people than the course they are on – moving through life full-voicedly but as if always looking a hundred years into the future.


Birthday: Unrecorded, presumably summer 2643

Sex: Blue

Occupation: Errant

Blood Type: 14-X

Likes: Drinking, songs about drinking, rice, neat vests, the smell of laundry, landscape painting and exploration, keeping secrets, coffee, salmon, funerary rites, sunlight, and all animals

Dislikes: Stagnation and complacency, sitting still whatsoever, being misled or condescended to, strict personalities, Savannah staff, storms, display season, nymph language

Seen with: Kali’s inner circle, the crew of Umihotaru, contacts from Quarry

Something of a handyman, something of an ambassador, Harka is among the king’s oldest and closest friends, and works as a very independent right hand. One of Quay’s strongest fliers and brightest blues, since nymphood e has guarded and supported the king, making up for Kali’s disability. Not quite as sharp, but makes up for it in loyalty and passion. In recent years, has spent much of eir time at the distant end of Savannah, Quarry’s End, living with and studying the craft of Quay’s main and only friendly rival. Not a scholar, but a very good listener. Curious and good-humored, very patient until e has a reason not to be, and then swings to being easily frustrated and provoked. A true believer in the ideals of Quay; education, ambition, organization, expansion, and a simple but whole way of life. Has very conflicted feelings about Triactian culture, as well as a very incomplete view of it, but holds its tenets of personal biological self-determination as a very high virtue.

Rain Flower sel Lock Wave (cal Soft Fang; cal Pearl Wall)

Birthday: January 2nd

Sex: Silver male

Occupation: Courtier, receptor technician

Blood Type: B

Likes: Grudges (holding his own and admiring ones that others carry), alchemical theory, habitat design, every type of noodle ever invented, niche designer fashion, niche designer fruit, beaches, janitor pilots, artsy documentaries, foxes, pistachios, privacy.

Dislikes: Work, study, fiction, politics, micromanagement and disrespect, limits placed on potential, nostalgia, being separated from Lune, Savannah spinelight, liquor, plain water, wild ocean, most herbs, wishful thinking, flowers, and violence.

Seen with: His coterie peers - one of Hightower culture’s fundamental social units, somewhere between sorority, siblings, salon, and tiny political party - a few members of the law ship’s crew, and in Sever’s vicinity whenever possible.

Part of the garrison of the Lunic quarter, a collection of necessary workers, eccentric influence-chasers, and political refugees that make up a minor bulk of Savannah’s human population. Rain belongs to all three of these groups simultaneously. Having grown up in the middle circles of Hightower’s petty nobility, he’s idolized Sever Malice for years but wasn’t quite high up enough in the hierarchy to be able to pursue a similar career in architecture, and instead specialized in the vast works of engineering that support and construct habitats. Accustomed in his bones to luxury, but doesn’t depend on it, and can build his own in most places. Careful and reckless in equal measure, easily trusting and easily slighted, has issues with commitment and a very unexamined sense of justice.