luskonneg remains dormant by a curse and a conspiracy. social peril, online conflicts and miniscule destructions litter the interior of the small Pandora’s box of his life, a hidden cornerstone on which stands an unstable world.

by: baroquespiral




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>>failure 01

it has been xxxx days since luskonneg has become a shut-in. the ecclesia keeps it that way under the watch of the [taboo preserver] who watches as he makes an unanticipated excursion, an odyssey all the way across the street

>>failure 02

searching on the feed, luskonneg encounters a user known as the seer in the half-light indulging in fantasies that further stain his bedsheets; braz discovers an approaching danger in the underground districts

>>failure 03

braz seeks out information and finds instead forgiveness, release and an encounter that must be struck from memory; luskonneg arranges an encounter with another user in the dessert shop, a rather precarious affair

>>failure 04

luskonneg goes outside and once again faces humiliations and a world that seems all too real, as his innate powers and fragile sanity begin to tremble

>>failure 05

luskonneg experiments on his own consciousness in hopes of recovering a narrative worth sharing with a connoisseur of bizarre narratives, while an unknown enemy sows distrust behind the lines of the containment operation

>>failure 06

Luskonneg receives an offer of help to prepare for the strange journalist’s interview, but can he pull himself together to prepare for the help?