Ymañn Ulwen

sex: male

occupation: [Taboo Preserver]

blood type: AB

theme song: Burach - Born Tired

likes: free time, bristly fur, grid layouts, musical improvisation, imaginary numbers, lavender tea, unconscious magic, cinnamon, chess

dislikes: arguments, repetitive magic, long proofs, tomatoes

seen with: dogs

[from Personnel Control dossier 19072705. KH: Mars]

The third [Taboo Preserver], YMANN ULWEN was a popular streamer (improvised music and experimental magic) before retreating from the world to become take on his role. His streaming career, which began at age 13, ended in an acrimonious feud with another streamer, an older woman named Kruhai Shelsynn. The details of this feud have been erased from all networks, including ecclesiastical & military, in exchange for Ulwen’s co-operation. Ulwen’s sleep and psychological magic compatibility scored third highest in a gauntlet of tests conducted in 4151 AH, two years before the reincarnation of the Dark Lord, breaking all previous records including those of previous [Taboo Preservers]. Ulwen said the following explaining, in an unscheduled interview, why he wanted to take on the sacred role:

“I mean I want to say it’s out of duty to civilization, and I also know the rumours that I’m not supposed to say duty, that candidates who say duty are rejected - I won’t get disqualified if I admit to knowing about those right? Everybody knows them. So you can doubt my honesty in either direction. But it’s really not about duty first, or maybe that’s what I think about first but not what I feel first. I’m turning 18, and people tell me I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I think I do. I’m told I have potential in the Magic Academy, but I don’t think I’ll accomplish anything great. I don’t think I’d be able to handle accomplishing anything great, and if I got close to accomplishing something great I think it’d slip away from me. Of course, I don’t have to, but on the other hand, looking out at another sixty years or something, and it seems like too much work, an unbearable amount of work, not to accomplish anything great. Not just the work work, most of that I’d probably be OK with if I got a job where I’m able to decide what I’m doing, but the people work, the expectation work, the letters, the conventions, the academic feuds…

The recruitment letter warned about aging rapidly, but I feel like I’ve already aged prematurely, when I talk like this. I need to say that because in a person my age everything I’m saying probably sounds like depression, which I’m sure is a red flag for you. But I’m not sad, I’m not even not feeling anything, I feel full and at peace and wistful and terribly afraid something’s going to shatter it all. I understand that something could shatter it in this position - if things go wrong - but that would mean something, and I really believe I could face it with dignity, if everything else was right with me and around me. I don’t want to be disturbed, but I don’t think I’m a coward; I want to keep playing, but I don’t think I’m childish. When I’m just playing around with things, I feel close to the Goddess. The Goddess is perfect order, and I feel her, right there in me. I know that’s weird to say as a man. I understand you haven’t had a male [Taboo Preserver] before? Whenever I have to reach out into the outside world, to express any of that, I feel chaos. The serpent-God. And I’m not interested in chaos. It’s also in me, and it creeps up on me and tries to devour me every time I’m not thinking about something. I just want to think about things, and not chaos kinds of things, not me kinds of things. I want Her. I want to devote my whole life to Her, as she appears in me. It’s a little embarrassing to say but I want the comfort you’re offering too. And I can’t see any kind of life that lets me do that the way this does. It doesn’t bother me that I’ll be asleep. I’m with Her when I’m asleep. She is the spine of my dreams. I’m content to climb up and down that spine, forever.”