several inhabitants in this digital, how could our affections still travel between the thousand strands of data between us

by: rumour hell




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>>violation 01:
Would It Kill You To
Get The Things I Need?

The sun through the canopy uncertain, Morgan follows a shimmer glitch through the Skein, finds the Psyche Oracle in his Tender and discovers the encroaching smoke.

>>violation 02:
Kind People Should
Never Be Treated Like Empty Arms

Lesia awakens in a robotic body pursued by Recyclers, with no defense but her tactica; Chere dreams alone in her Habitex through the holic choker.

>>violation 03:
Hope My Rains
Leave A Stain

Cammy wanders the edges of the freak show in the Cluster, a dimensional refugee under the infinite eyes of the Velih and the mote auras, seeking home in Jewel’s dangerous investigations of the Loum.

>>violation 04:
Everything Is
Barely Missed
(ε/ Δ)

Cammy, Morgan and Dear meet in EXILE and journey to the Chapel.

>>violation 05:
Put You
on a Noter

Hexa escapes dream-slavery to the starpaths where Lesia, on a dangerous mission for the Patrons to the stabs of technodeath, intersects with Chere

>>violation 06:
The Low Sea
of Hate
(ε/ Δ)

Orche watches from the Garden as Morgan languishes in the Barrows, separated from his Tender, and Cammy noids out in gamespace